Wednesday, 30 April 2014

We're meeting in a month

The next Green Drinks is on May 28th at 7 pm at Bitters (of course).  By then, hopefully, the worst weather we'll have to confront will be fog.

For quite a while, I've been following Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Christopher Hedges, but I've been surprised that so few have heard of him. Here's a brief video, introducing his perspective on climate change:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Earth Day!

I hope today is a day to reflect on the world's natural beauty and the life it affords us.  I hope that it is also a time to reflect on what we, as citizens and a community, can do to sustain our beautiful ecosystem.
Photo Vicky Marshall-Beasely
After rescheduling, March's Green Drinks did take place (in April).  We had a nice turnout and a good time as well.  But strangely, we arrived to find Bitters largely taken over by the Liberal party, who was suddenly hosting an unscheduled trivia event in our second hour.  And it wasn't just any trivia--it was Liberal party trivia.  Ugh.  Ah well.  I'll contact Bitters' people to see how we might avoid such scenarios in the future.

We meet next on May 28th.  By then, it looks like we won't have to reschedule due to snow storms. (fingers crossed)

And now, for your reading edification:
Clean Energy Rollout Would Shave Fraction Off Economic Growth - Truthdig