Thursday, 28 June 2012

Vote in our polls

Last night was our most successful Green Drinks since the first (which makes me think I should threaten to close it down every month).

As promised, we're going to re-evaluate our current configuration.  Apropos of that, please vote in the polls below to help us get a sense of what works best for you. (If you're not reading this through the blog, please go to it.)

Free Website Poll  
For the first survey, if your choice is one of the "elsewhere" choices, please specify a location in the comments.  Whether we stay or not, I do appreciate Bridie Molloy's hosting us. 

For the next poll, I've put all possible time slots in the interest of thoroughness, though some seem extremely unlikely.

Free Website Survey
Free Online Surveys
Personally, I have no stake these choices; I'm fine with whatever suits the group best.  After a week, we'll evaluate your responses and see where we stand.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

This Wednesday is back on!

A number of people have expressed a desire to meet this Wednesday and discuss the group.  So who am I to say "no?"  We'll meet as previously scheduled at Bridie Molloy's starting around 6 or so tomorrow night.  (Of course, I understand almost everyone will show up after 6; that's fine.)

So, if you have any thoughts about how Green Drinks' configuration could be better, now is the time to make it known.  I have at least one idea I'll put out there.

Sorry about this reversal and "drama."  That wasn't my intention.  I guess I underestimated others' interest in the group.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Green Drinks is suspended

I won't be holding this week's Green Drinks nor for the foreseeable future. Simply put, despite a nice response on the internet, we haven't gotten much of a response at the actual happy hours. Given that and the presence of other demands, I'm suspending the group.

If anyone else would like to take it on, I'd be happy to join, and I'd be happy to hand over the reigns to this "vast internet presence," too. If that happened, perhaps the formula used--be it venue, frequency, etc--could be reconsidered, too.

This weekend I was at a party hosted by someone I met through Green Drinks. When we spoke, he felt apologetic about missing the prior month. Later, I met someone who had liked our facebook page but never attended. When I explained my involvement, she, too, felt a bit apologetic. While I appreciated the consideration in those responses, I regretted that both people felt the need to offer them. I never wanted Green Drinks to seem like an obligation but a pleasure to be anticipated. I wanted to create a community of people who care about the environment, but, as I've learned about other organizations, perhaps that need has already been met.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

An Important Film

This film, "Collapse," describes the implications of contemporary civilization's dependence on oil and what happens when that oil is exhausted.  Despite the fact that it screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and received positive critical reception, it is not a feel-good movie.  All the more reason why it's a film that one should watch.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

"I Am," An Inspiring Film

One of the great things about the internet is the availability of alternative media, compelling stories that would never get told via corporate-owned outlets.

Here's a film I found extremely inspiring, and at its core, it's all about living sustainably.  Its title is "I Am."

It's broken into three parts on youtube.  Here are parts two and three.