Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Tomorrow night is Green Drinks!  So bring a friend.

(That video has some of the best graphics this side of the Atari 2600.)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Call for Ideas--Publicity!

As our next meeting is two weeks away, I wanted to ask all of you for any ideas to help get the word out about Green Drinks. Do you have any suggestions about specific ways to publicize the group?

I've put the group on Craigslist, facebook, and the Scope. (Though I really wish the Scope would include a link to this site.)  Mostly, I'm trying to use the internet to publicize it, but I have put up flyers around downtown, too.  I've contacted NLEN, NLEE, Occupy NFLD, the Green, Liberal and NDP parties.  I've made a slow and steady effort.  If there are any other organizations or physical spaces you think I should hit, let me know.

Of course, feel free to tweet this or put a link to this on your facebook page, too.  : )

Sunday, 4 March 2012

We have lift off!

When it comes to starting new Green Drinks chapters, the international site explains, "Many Green Drinks start with a dozen people."  So as last Wednesday evening rolled around, I wondered if our chapter would measure up.  Or would I be the guy . . . by himself at Bridie Molloy's . . . in a corner with a Green Drinks sign.  Well, I'm happy to report that our first happy hour was a well attended first meeting.

Grainy photos of some of the earliest arriving Green Drinkers.
 And I was thrilled with the tone of the group.  The people there could not have been friendlier, and the conversation could not have been more intelligent or funnier.  I'm already looking forward to March 28th.

As people arrived, I'd ask if they'd been to this site, but all of them said "no."  That surprised me because I'd been really pleased with the response this site and its facebook page had gotten in the build up to our first happy hour.  Ah well, in months to come, I'll look forward to meeting those who "liked" our facebook page as well.