Monday, 9 February 2015

Green Drinks Wednesday February 25th 2015 7:00 @ Bitters MUN Campus

For new Green Drink members, arrive hungry as Bitters has a delicious menu which can be found right here.

Bitters Website and Menu can be found here :

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Hello and Happy Monday Green Drinkers. Hope you are all ready for our first monthly Green Drinks happening at Bitters on the MUN Campus Wednesday February 25th 2015 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Again as our last meeting, we will have an informal agenda at the beginning if there are any current projects, petitions and/or achievements to discuss as we can bring them forward to the group. Please email me or post on the Facebook page any information you would like to talk about during our gathering.

I am hoping to gather some Green Drinks business cards for everyone so that if you know of anyone who wants to get some more information and/or be part of the Green Drinks St. Johns group you can easily pass the cards along. Also should be in the making of some Green Drinks Posters for offices, retail etc. around the city. There are still many people who would love to voice their concerns about environmental issues and have a group to come to.

I have been working with farmers in completing a book on the life of farmers here on The Rock and they will be receiving information about our Green Drinks group so we hope to see some new faces always during our Green Drinks events.

Some tips when wanting to be the voice of change:

1. Lead by example
2. Educating friends and family about your concerns on the environmental issue
3. Writing a letter to your government and business as well as making petitions

Through education, awareness and working together we can create results right here in our very own province. We may complain about how poor government is taking care of our environment but we need to remember that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT. We vote them in. Our voices are powerful and together we can make REAL CHANGE. Don't ignore your government, get involved and speak your truth.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Green Drinks February 25th 2015 @ Bitters MUN Campus.

Hello Green Drinkers and a Happy Monday .

Great News as we will be trying our Green Drinks event monthly and this month of February we will be back @ Bitters on the MUN Campus to gather and eat, drink and discuss environmental triumphs and issues still needing work. We can also discuss how everyone enjoyed The Guvnor and if it is a place that we would like to try again or continue @ Bitters. Feedback is very important with our group as our goal is to work together toward achieving environmental success in this province and work together that we are all pleased with our meeting place!!

Green Drinks February 25th 2015 7:00pm - 9:00pm :) Bitters @ MUN.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Attention: Green Drinkers Regular Monthly Meetings

Happy Saturday January 31st Green Drinkers St. Johns NL

A Big Environmental Thank you to all who joined us at The Guvnor this past Wednesday for Green Drinks as again we reached 30 people. The Green Drinks Group is continuously growing in numbers and the past couple of months have been exciting as people have been asking about making our Green Drinks a regular monthly event so we thought we would give it a shot! ( After all, Corner Brooks Green Drinks is Bi-weekly)

So here it is, who would be interested in attending Green Drinks on a monthly basis? This would be an amazing opportunity to stay up to date on what is happening around the communities, stay focused on our goals and petitions plus seeing each other and be able to continue meeting new people every month. I believe our group deserve to be heard monthly and I would like to hear from you..

Green Drinks last Wednesday of every month. the next Green Drinks will be held Wednesday February 25th 7-9pm @ Bitters MUN Campus.

Have a great weekend Green Drinkers

Monday, 26 January 2015

This Wednesday, we're at the Guv'nor Pub

Well, it appears that Bitters is hosting a private event, and it's not us.  So we'll meet at the Guv'nor Pub at 389 Elizabeth Avenue instead.  It's still at 7 pm.  If you can, please RSVP on our facebook event.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Happy New Year First Green Drinks of 2015!! Wednesday January 28th @ 7:00pm ALL ARE WELCOME

Snow Dumping Not Going To Be A Good Thing

Harbour snow dumping 2:10

Crews in St. John's have been busy clearing snow from roads across the city, but a biologist warns dumping all the cleared snow into the harbour poses a danger to the marine environment.
The city has always dumped its cleared snow in the harbour, but increased traffic and security measures — along with concerns about the environmental impact — has the city looking for other solutions about where to put the snow.
Biologist Ian Jones said when snow gets cleared from the roads, there's plenty of litter going along with it.
Ian Jones biologist 20140117
Biologist Ian Jones says garbage being dumped along with the city's snow is a danger to the marine life in the harbour. (CBC)
"Just walking along, you see enormous quantities of plastic material in the street, [and] in the snow banks," he said.
"When it gets into the ocean…it's about the same density as sea water, so it's floating around down there either in the water column, or on the surface. [Marine animals] just swim along, and if they see anything that looks like food, they eat it."
Jones conducted autopsies on 243 dead birds collected near Holyrood this time last year, and discovered plastic build-up in their bodies.
"It's an example of marine animals picking up plastic debris. It's not digestible, blocks their gut and they die," he said.
According to Jones, the snow should be dumped at the Robin Hood Bay facility along with the city's garbage to avoid these scenarios.
St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe said the city is looking into other options to save money amid concerns about the environmental impact.
"We have to recognize the reality of how long we will be able to dump snow in the harbour from an environmental standpoint," he said.
O'Keefe said St. John's will continue to dump the snow into the harbour until the city comes up with a better solution to the problem of where to put all the snow.....