Saturday, 6 June 2015

What's new at Green Drinks: June Updates

1. The next Green Drinks event is Wednesday June 24.

Hosted by Green Rock EVS 
7 pm June 24
835 Topsail Road
Potluck style

This is a special one-off Green Drinks Event that will be at Green Rock EVS headquarters, not at Bitters as usual.

Come mingle with other fellow Green Drinkers in a relaxed and warm environment, potluck style. You will have the opportunity to look at some electric cars and bikes and chat about any other environmental issues. As always, people from all environmental backgrounds will be attending -- so this event is open to all, not just car buffs. It will be held as a potluck so please bring a snack to share. If you cannot bring a snack -- please join us anyway. All are welcome.

2. World Oceans Day is June 8. Oceans do a lot for us. They provide us with food, means for transportation, recreational opportunities and they are an endless source of wonder for the natural world. To celebrate World Oceans day there is a ton of events going on this weekend and next week. Check out the calendar of events here.

3. St. John's joins the Blue Dot movement. On Monday June 4th, the City of St. John's declared that its citizens have the right to a healthy environment.  Our city now joins 53 other cities that are part of the Blue Dot movement, started by the David Suzuki Foundation. We are the first city in Atlantic Canada to do so. Congratulations City of St. John's!

 Read the article in the Independent and see the full text of the declaration here:

Whereas the citizens of St. John’s have inherited a beautiful and unique natural heritage that attracts tourists and new residents and is worth preserving for future generations.

Whereas the City of St. John’s understands the City of St. John’s understands that people are part of the environment and that a healthy environment is inextricably linked to the well-being of our community.

Whereas the City of STJ has already taken many concrete actions to ensure safe water, beautiful open spaces, energy-efficient homes, clean streets, and well-planned development.

And whereas Canada is part of a very small and shrinking minortity of countries that has yet to formally recognize the right of its citizens to a healthy environment.

And whereas there is currently a growing national movement led by Canadian municipalities calling for the right to a healthy environment to be enshrined in the Canadian constitution.

And whereas 74,487 Canadians have joined their local movement and 53 municipal governments have passed declarations recognizing the right to fresh air, clean water and healthy food.

Therefore I, Dennis O’Keefe, Mayor of the City of St. John’s, declare on this, the first day of June, 2015, that the City of St. John’s believes in the right of our residents to live in a healthy environment and call upon our provincial and federal governments to ensure the right to a healthy environment in the Canadian constitution.

Monday, 11 May 2015

THIS WEEK--A Hike & Opportunity to Serve NLEN

Last Green Drinks, Sheridan Thompson joined us.  She leads the Newfoundland & Labrador Environment Network (NLEN).  The group is sponsoring a hike this Friday and, more pressing, is looking for new members for their Steering Committee.  Here's what she said:

I really wanted to thank you for your interest in NLEN and sure hope you can make the upcoming AGM - Friday, May 15th, 2 pm, Botanical Gardens.  We are also looking for solid Steering Committee as we have some funding and I could use the support as Coordinator and Project Lead.  Eh hem, we could use a liaison with NAACAP ;)  Anyhoo...see our AGM info below, and if you are interested in receiving our e-update, please go here, scroll down the page and input your email in the box to the right.
Thanks again - looking forward to meeting you again soon!
NLEN Coastal Hike and AGM – May 15th

MUN Botanical Garden, St. John's

On May 15th, 2015 NLEN will be having a outdoor hiking workshop incorporating our projects in changing coastlines and experiential education with our AGM this year.  The first half of the day we invite member groups to come learn about our project for 2015 and hopefully share some of the programs and projects they intend to invest their time into.
9 AM – Meet at Middle Cove.  Hike North and learn about strata layers, glaciation, and storm impact on Newfoundland coastlines.  Contact for carpool
10:00 AM – Break with snack and reflection period – let us know what you learned by writing, or art
10:30 AM – Hike back to Middle Cove
11:30 PM – Marine debris identification and count.  We will have a discussion on what types of marine debris can be found on different parts of Newfoundlands coast
12:30 PM – Drive to MUN Botanical Gardens
1 PM – Soup and bread for lunch ( a vegetarian choice will be provided)
2 PM – NLEN 2015 AGM
The hike and lunch is free to one member of each NLEN Member Group.  For additional participants and non-member participants registration fee is $20.
2 PM AGM is open to all who are interested.
For registration or more information, please contact: or 709.746.6828

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Green Drinks now an official member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Environment Network (NLEN)

NLEN is an umbrella organization that connects organizations that work towards a common goal of conservation and sustainability.
Green Drinks is now a member.
I would love to quickly take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that pitched in your change to help with the $30. membership fee for NLEN. Charlie the Dino and his bucket are very happy with this amazing progress. We have come a long way this year from monthly gatherings to now members of NLEN. Congrats all!
See Everyone at Bitters this May last Wednesday the 27th at Bitters 7-9pm.

Monday, 4 May 2015

What's new at Green Drinks: May Updates

Last week we had great energy at our regular event. Some of the discussion highlights included:

 1.The bizarre flurry of media attention with the Andy Wells letter against electric vehicles (mid April). And the other one calling climate change a farce....(See the follow up here, which included an American professor Michael Mann jumping in to correct non-factual statements).

2. Tesla Powerwall. This is a new battery system that is going to change how the world consumes power. We are watching this all unfold with great interest.

For the upcoming Green Drinks on May 27th, we will be on at Bitters as usual. Originally, we were going to be invited to have Green Drinks at Green Rock EVS, but this has been postponed until June. The reason is that Green Rock EVS needs to go accept their award for EV Dealership Inspiration. Congrats to them!

See you all May 27 at Bitters for another engaging evening for the environment.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Green Drinks Wednesday April 29, 7:00 pm @ Bitters MUN Campus

Hello Green Drinkers!

We look forward to seeing you at our next informal networking event. 
We will be at Bitters Pub, Wednesday April 29th, 7 pm. 

 Look for our mascot Charlie the dinosaur.

For our last Green Drinks event, we "crashed" the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's event in support of Gros Morne National Park. Thanks to all those who came out to the successful night!

Send us a note or leave a comment if you have something you'd like to bring to the group on April 29th. Our group is growing fast and we are very excited to see so many Green Drinkers in St. John's. Let's keep it up! We welcome all new and regular members.